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Vitrification of the ovules


Preserve your fertility

In Novafem, clinic of fertility and genetics, we offer techniques of preservation of fertility that offer the possibility of postponing motherhood to all those women who so wish.

Recommended for:

  • Patients at risk of loss of ovarian function: patients diagnosed with cancer who will receive a treatment with chemo or radiotherapy, autoimmune diseases requiring chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants or women at risk of repeated ovarian surgery, such as endometriosis.
  • Without medical indication or for social reasons: Women who decide to postpone their motherhood for various reasons or because their economic or work circumstances requires it.

Ovule Vitrification

The vitrification of oocytes allows the mature ovules that are obtained after ovarian stimulation, to be cryopreserved for later use when the patient decides, with the same prognosis that she had at the time of being vitrified. Due to the absence of ice crystal formation, the survival rates of oocytes are high and allow delaying motherhood with reasonable guarantees