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Safe pregnancy treatments - Preconception


Safe pregnancy treatments

Novafem aims that at all couples who plan to have a child in Novafem will receive all the needed support to have a safe pregnancy. To deliver the diagnosis that will avoid physical and genetic risks for your baby.

What do we offer?

A safe pregnancy in case of consanguineous diseases like HIV.

You can preserve your fertility by freezing ovules / sperm cells. This is recommended for people who will receive medical treatments that threaten their fertility in the short term. Also for women who want to postpone their motherhood beyond 35 years.

A genetic screening of the couple. It is ideal to perform this before the pregnancy is achieved. This to take the most appropriate measures in case of increased genetic risk of the couple.

Celagem tests

  •       Hormonal
  •       Serology
  •       Anti Mullerian hormone
  •       Fragmentation
  •       FISH
  •       Spermogram
  •       Fertiplex
  •       Screening of mutations for couples with or without some degree of consanguinity
  •       Thrombophilia profile