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Freezing of the ovarian cortex

Fertility preservation techniques

Vitrification of the ovules:

The vitrification of oocytes allows the obtained mature ovules, after ovarian stimulation, to be cryopreserved for later use when the patient decides, with the same prognosis that she had at the time of being vitrified. Due to the absence of ice crystal formation, the survival rates of oocytes are high, making it possible to delay motherhood with reasonable guarantees.

Freezing of the ovarian cortex:

Cryopreservation of ovarian cortex is another technique for the preservation of fertility through which various births have already been achieved worldwide. This technique allows to restore the ovarian function, which could even result in spontaneous pregnancies and also, having normal hormone levels, in avoiding the side effects of an early menopause (osteoporosis, hot flashes, cardiovascular risk).

Applicable for:

  • Oncology patients who are going to receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy or in any other circumstance that recommends it.
  • Method of choice for girls before puberty, although it is also performed for adult women, and can also be combined with oocyte vitrification if the time is available to carry out both techniques.
  • Patients with cancer for who an immediate start of chemotherapy is required, with no possibility of waiting for the ovarian stimulation process, or in cases which such stimulation is contraindicated

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