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Specialized in female fertility treatments, genetic treatments, and preconception care.
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Fertility Clinic

At Novafem, clinic of fertility and genetics, we have the necessary techniques and alliances to offer diagnostic services for various types of cancer. In addition we provide advice in the area of fertility for both male and female patients who wish to preserve their fertility in case they will undergo any chemotherapy, surgical treatment or if they suffer from any type of oncological disease. See more

Genetic Treatments

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is a research technique that allows a detailed analysis of the embryo before being transferred to the maternal uterus. In this way it is possible to transfer embryos free of any hereditary diseases. PGD is recommended as long as the patient has an optimal response to ovarian stimulation and the genetic disease under study is within the legal limits of techniques of assisted human reproduction. See more

Safe pregnancy treatments

Fertility can be preserved by freezing ovules and sperm. This is recommended for people who will undergo a medical treatment that puts their fertility at risk in the short term. It is also recommended for women who want to postpone their motherhood beyond 35 years. See more

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